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The virtual reality is one of the most discussed topics from the Silicon Valley to the other end of the world. By using Virtual Reality as a new way of communicating with your customers, you are becoming clear of your strong competition and becoming the most attractive brand on the market.


Virtual reality is an entirely new channel for communicating with customers. The ability to isolate the client from the environment and “transfer” to another dimension will make him communicate constantly and as a result the client-company relationship will be even stronger.


Virtual Reality allows brands that have implemented this innovation to give their customers the ability to make the right choice for their products and their value.


VR Products

The development of Virtual Reality products targeted to the end customer can be in the field of decoration – paints, upholstery, furniture and much more.

VR Information Analysis

Development, implementation, and maintenance of your VR product, we can report, collect and analyze information from your various advertising campaigns through specific metrics. So your business will be able to find the right solutions to its customers.

Personal VR Solutions

We provide solutions for Virtual Reality that meet entirely identical customer requirements. They can carry your label and identity developed for iOS and Android. (Mobile VR)



Тhe largest Bulgarian paint and plaster manufacturer decided to be the first company in its sector to show its customers once again that innovation is part of the care of their customers. Their Virtual Reality solution was the tool to achieve this goal. So, with common efforts, we have been able to integrate more than 1200 colors from Orgachim’s color range.